The physalis is a small, decorative round berry with a smooth orange-yellow skin and juicy pulp, which contains numerous tiny yellow seeds. The berry is slightly sticky to the touch and is wrapped in its own papery case that resembles a lantern, called its cape. Its taste is similar to that of a sweet gooseberry.

Physalis is native to South America.

PHYSALIS are classed as a fruit.


Physalis can be eaten as they are, or dipped in chocolate to make a delicious edible garnish.

Nutritional Information

Typical values per 100g (raw): energy 53 kcal, 212 kJ; protein 1.9g; carbohydrate 11.2g; fat 0.7g.


Remove the papery lantern. The whole berry can be eaten.


Store in a cool dry place.


Ripe fruit will be bright orange. The papery lanterns should enclose the fruit and be free from damage.

Fun Fact

Physalis is a member of the tomato family.


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