Blog Posts: June 2013

Healthy foods with bizarre side affects

On 27 June 2013
If you are striving to eat healthily, you may want to read the following about four foods which are deemed good for you - but also have some strange side affects.Beetroot - After eating these, you can have a bit of a shock after going to the toilet with the toilet water turning a rosy reddish type colour.Broccoli - this cruciferous vegetable (also similar to cabbage and cauliflower) contains goitrogens that can interfere with the body's thyr.... [More]

British Asparagus season is almost over

On 9 June 2013
The UK season for asparagus is only around eight weeks long ending in June - so the why not do something with them nowTV Chef Marcus Bean has joined forces with the British Asparagus campaign to try and get more of us to enjoy asparagus - and he has given several recipies to intice you!Marcus said "It’s such a long process to cultivate our asparagus but when it’s right, it’s just so good and so healthy that it’s a shame no.... [More]